RFP Management

As we move to a more agile world and whilst the need for structured RFP's has not gone away, there are many methods to approaching deal structuring that make the process both simpler and faster to activate.

We still work with clients especially those with large requirements in a formalised RFI/RFP process but with others, we have developed approaches and tools to help you fast track your programme, this is more pertinent in the world of Cloud solutions where a fit-to-standard approach one of the core drivers.

Asking the Right Questions

In the past an approach to the RFP might have been to map all the current processes and ask the business what is wanted? 

With cloud solutions and agile approaches, businesses are focusing on best practice that ensures lower costs to enable the business to grow.

We construct an RFP that ensures proposed solutions meet your business' needs. 

Picking the Right Solution

There are many great software solutions in the market, and it's likely your business already uses one. 

The chances are there are better industry specific solutions out there, and we are here to find you the right one. ​

As a neutral party with no affinity to any consultancy or software provider. We aim to advise the best solution to transform your business.

We will lead negotiations with both software providers and system implementation partners to get the right price and license.