Programme Management

With over 20 years of delivery experience in a global context, we are able to offer our clients a safe "pair of hands" to help ensure programmes are delivered on time and to budget. As importantly we are focused on ensuring the programme achieves the objectives upon which they were conceived and approved.

We monitor the key deliverables closely, to keep all the parties involved, honest and focussed by ensuring scope creep does not permeate the programme.

We don't have a one size fits all approach. Our goal from the initial meeting is to understand the specific needs of your programme, and offer a customised solution that meets your requirements and budget. If we feel we can't do this for whatever reason we will be honest with you at the outset.

Programmes fail more often than not because of poor management around scope and progress milestones, or the delivery of poor processes that do not work at the business level.

Experience and the benefit of being independent allows us to stand back and see these issues at the onset, redirecting effort and changing team composition or vendors as may be required.

Let us manage your projects and programmes

We support your programme as you require, from supplementing your incumbent team and SI to leading the programme on your behalf with your team involved, every business is different and our experience has shown that delivering programmes requires a complex skill and experience mix that rarely exists internally or with just one party.

We aim to keep everyone honest and to drive great governance through the teams.

Tell us how we can help or let us make some suggestions as to how to support your existing team and partners.


We don't have a fixed plan or methodology, as understanding the client and its people's capability defines the right approach. 


We have delivered large programmes in all of the common methodologies from Agile, SAFe, ASAP, Activate, Kandan and many more but our goal is to make this as easy for our clients as possible.

Our Experience and Industries

Whilst we have specialists in a number of sectors we are often called upon to help clients in the delivery of digital transformation, change or ERP system implementation. 

Core Industries include:

  • Consumer packaged goods & manufacturing

  • FMCG

  • Logistics/supply chain

  • Utilities 

  • Finance systems

  • Master data - all sectors

  • Digital migrations - all sectors