Programme Assurance

Over the years we have been required to address programmes that have lost their way or failed to deliver against the original business case and benefits.

There is little we have not seen before and we now draw on this experience to help make sure new programmes stay on course and deliver against their objectives.

We have a number of different assurance models from light to heavy touch. We can help you to select the right approach based on the capability of the teams and the complexity of the requirements.

Where Business and Integrator Meet 

Programme assurance is a critical part of any successful programme and is a collaboration of inputs and views that can be collated and assessed in a consistent and thorough way to may critical assessments on the health of the programme now and looking forwards.

We bring years of experience of delivery in the real world to this work to make the reports an easy read that adds value to the programme and is seen as constructive support between the programme leadership, the SI and vendors and the stakeholders who need to know the health of the programme at regular intervals.

There is no standard report as every programme is different and every business has different reporting requirements, our approach is to listen, build the ideas and then secure the business stakeholders agreement so that the assurance reporting is what the business needs to make the right decisions and avoid programme underperformance.

Programme assurance is often not seen for its considerable value add and this may be down to how the big consultancies houses have approached the programme journey.

Having been delivery agents for many years and seen programmes and projects fail despite controls being in place, we wanted to change the approach to make it more inclusive and helpful to the teams.

Our model does not just assess the programme from a governance perspective but helps the parties to bridge the inevitable gaps that occur, the solutionize more effectively and to work together to achieve success.


Our offer is much more than programme assurance. It's more of a guarantee of success.

Our Experience and Industries

We have undertaken programme assurance across all sectors and for programmes of both a small and very large scale.


Our preference for programme assurance is that it be undertaken by our lead partners due to the complexity and in-depth programme experience they can bring to any such requirement. 

We've worked in parallel with all of the big 6 players and have also led programmes where programme assurance was carried out by internal or external audit firms, so have a wealth of experiences and evidence of what works, and what doesn't.