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Business Process Design

A key part of any programme is knowing what processes the system has to manage and understand how close they are to a fit-to-standard model, this is critical in the emerging Cloud ERP world as business looks to simplify application management and harmonise processes across a global footprint.

We can design bottom-up, top-down, redesign, improve or innovate from level 1 to level 5 using the APQC directory to make this is a seamless process that all SI's will understand, it is also becoming the defacto standard for leading ERP solutions and there are direct pathways from the PCF to the solution Business Process Master List.

From the agreed process directory we aim to build out the Business Process Optimisation Catalogue which helps to identify where all the automation opportunities will exist and helps stakeholders to prioritise the key efficiencies. 

TOM and TOD are critical first steps in the discovery phase and help to drive great programmes.

Without an agreed and aligned end position, programmes will not have adequate guard rails and in our experience this is one of the major catalysts for programme failure. 

Parent, Child, Legacy, Disruptor

Whatever type of Process you are looking for, we can define and design.

Every process can be defined in a process flow to assist with understanding, we use the standard PCF level 1 - 5 system to determine what the process is for and what needs to be understood, where data is coming from and who needs it at the end of the process. Only when you understand this can you configure a solution in a fit-to-standard model.

Our approach is to help you achieve this level of understanding and to own the process.


Your global process owners for the programme drive adoption and understanding in the deployment phases.

Our service

We offer a range of services:

Process analysis and design

Identification of best practice

Fit to standard analysis

Production of the BPML by function

Identification of optimization opportunities

SOP Production to APQC level 3 to 5

Process inventory management

Within our team, we have pure process people and business analysts who can assess and capture the key parts of your operation.

Process design is not art, it should be based on lean principle and be a best practice approach.

Most enterprise solutions have a business process master list (BPML) and from this we can help you to build the business process optimisation catalogue (BPOC). 

The final catalogue by division or activity can be overlaid onto a taxonomy such the American Productivity and Control Center - Process Classification Framework (APQC PCF) to enable a standardised best practice approach to be deployed across the business.