Building a Business Case

Its all about structure!

Many organizations struggle with defining a business case. They are well aware of the problem, but defining it into a document can be both daunting and time consuming.

L2i have over 20 years experience building business cases for organisations both big and small. 

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Whats on the menu?

Defining what type of business case you need, defines the budget, stakeholders. approach and goals of the business case. Making sure the audience understands both the goals and the value are key to sign off.

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Business Vs Technical Change

Many business cases are written to deliver a specific solution or change to a part of a customers' business.

Business change can be needed as a business grows or diversifies.

Technical change can happen to help modernise or support business growth.

Ensuring the business case is balanced and meets both needs is a key factor.

What to Expect from Us.

After initial discussion L2i will assign a partner to your organisation who will start to put together the definition and structure of your business case. The partner will be with you the whole way through the process and will work hand in hand with the resources needed to deliver the business case.


Who: Partner


  • Understand and frame the problem statement.

  • Define how the problem or need is to be addressed at a high level.

  • Who needs to be involved

  • High level opinion of what the solution will require, organisation, time, cost and resources.

  • Other possible challenges

  • Presentational information for approval

Business Process Design

Who: BP Expert


  • High level definition of the effected processes.

  • Identify child and supporting processes.

  • Simple As is - To be process map.

  • Considerations, solution, resource and time line.

  • High level organisational change management diagram.

Business Benefits Analysis

Who: Partner



  • Define the KPI metrics to measure against.

  • Assess and define, near to far impacts that could effect the benefit.

  • Define the dependency map and influence matrix.

  • Initial guidance for tolerance.

  • Governance model to track BBA.

Stakeholder and RACI Management 

Who: Change Expert


  • Identification of Stakeholders.

  • Identified of Global Process Owners.

  • Simple RACI Matrix from top to bottom of organisation.

  • Governance Structure.

  • Management Decision Briefs .

  • SRACI.

Value Propostion

Who: Partner and BP Expert


  • High level proposal for problem statement, listing possible proposal.

  • Collation of market leaders and potential providers.

  • Structured programme design.

  • Key roles, considerations and risks.

  • Value statement identifying what can be achieved.

Financial and Resource definition 

Who: Partner


  • Resource plan with internal and external resources.

  • Indicative cost plan to utilise with RFP.

  • Timeline for delivery including design, build, go live and support.